Winter is on its way in the Twin Cities, and that means it’s time to begin preparing your vehicle to handle months of harsh weather conditions. Though you likely understand the importance of prepping your vehicle’s moving parts for winter weather, you may not know that your auto glass also requires special care during the cold season. Ready to learn how to take proper care of your windshield to prevent winter-related damage? The pros at Centennial Glass share some helpful tips below.


Schedule an Auto Glass Inspection

Before the worst of the cold weather hits, take your vehicle to a reputable auto glass repair shop for an inspection. Cold weather can exacerbate existing glass damage, and if you’re unaware of small chips in your windshield, freezing temperatures can transform minor chips into major cracks. If your auto glass repair technician discovers minor damage, there’s a good chance you can have it repaired on the spot.


Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes Inside Your Vehicle

Have you ever dropped an ice cube in a glass of room temperature water? Did you notice the many cracks that formed in the ice? The same idea can apply to your vehicle’s windshield when it sits for an extended period and becomes super cold. That’s why avoiding sudden cabin temperature fluctuations is so important.


So how do you do that? Avoid cranking your defrost to full blast when you start up your vehicle. Instead, turn the defrost to a medium setting and allow more time for the air to do its work. If you’re in a major hurry and don’t have the time for a full defrost, use an ice scraper. And, it should go without saying, but don’t ever pour hot water on cold, icy auto glass.


Only Use Designated Ice-Removal Tools

To avoid causing unintentional scratches or pits in your windshield, only de-ice your windshield with tools that are specifically designed for that purpose. If you don’t have an ice scraper in your vehicle, purchase one before sub-freezing temperatures set in.


Alternatively, you can use a de-icing windshield washer fluid, which you’ll simply need to pour into your vehicle’s reservoir. Never use metal products to remove ice from your auto glass. And, unless you’re really in a pinch, avoid using household items for the same purpose — they don’t work well anyway.


Centennial Glass: Your Twin Cities Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Experts

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