Do you have a cracked, scratched or chipped windshield? You might want to get that fixed as soon as possible; a cracked windshield can be incredibly dangerous, especially when driving at higher speeds. If you get your windshield replaced early enough, you may not require an entire windshield replacement. There are many ways more minor damage can be fixed that are both fast and affordable. 

Sealing Windshield Cracks and Hairline Fractures

Small cracks and fractures can often be sealed safely, so that it won't get worse and you don't have to purchase a new windshield. But it's always best to get this done as soon as possible. Cracks and fractures will always expand over time and they may begin obstructing your view of the road -- a situation that is extremely dangerous. The worse the crack gets, the greater the cost to repair it, so you want to act fast! Even a scratch that doesn't go all the way through the windshield can be dangerous, if it's deep enough. 

Rock Chip Repair

Rock chips can seem insignificant, but they can actually be fairly dangerous. Even a small ding can compromise the structure of your windshield, leading to spiderweb fractures if the glass is hit again by another rock -- or simply vibrated the wrong way. You could find simply hitting a small pothole when your windshield suddenly shatters! Luckily, rock chip repair is a fairly easy process and it doesn't usually necessitate a full auto glass replacement. Within a few hours, you can get your car's windshield looking like new.

Complete Auto Glass Replacement

If your windshield already shows significant cracking, it's often best to replace it entirely. The last thing you want is to hit the highway and be showered in broken auto glass as it falls apart. Windshields are essentially designed to fracture into many small pieces -- this is safer in the event of an accident. But it also means that a windshield will not last long if it has been damaged. You can often save on auto glass repairs by using an aftermarket part or a used (but undamaged) windshield from the same model of vehicle as your own.

From small nicks to large fractures, it's always best to get your windshield looked at by a professional when there has been damage. Whether you need a full windshield replacement or just a fast chip repair, we've got you covered at Centennial Auto Glass Repair. Contact us today to find out more about our chip repair and auto glass replacement services.

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