The windshield is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. In the event of an accident, the windshield prevents you and your passenger from being ejected from the car. The windshield also provides a great deal of support for the vehicles airbags. If your vehicle is involved in a rollover accident your windshield would also provide a great deal of support for your vehicle’s roof, helping to prevent it from collapsing. By keeping your vehicle’s windshield in great condition it will help ensure that you receive the full benefits of your vehicles safety features. The following tips will help you to avoid broken auto glass and keep your windshield in excellent condition.

  • Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning your windshield. Use vinegar or a glass cleaner. Do not use ammonia based cleaners they can damage your windshield and the fumes are dangerous. 

  • Do not slam your car doors, the vibration can have a negative effect on your windshield it can loosen it over time and you may end up with a cracked windshield if you slam it to many times.

  • Always try to park in the shade or a parking garage. This will help keep your vehicle at a constant temperature especially in the summer and winter months. Be sure to warm up and cool off your car slowly if you crank the heat or AC on it can cause stress on your windshield. Parking garages are great for preventing debris such as hail, branches, ice, and other debris from falling on your windshield and causing damaging. This tip can help prevent the need for a windshield chip replacement or if the damage is bad enough a windshield replacement. 

  • If the temperatures are hot always leave your windows cracked a little to let some air in the car this will help prevent stress on your windshield and the need for auto glass replacement if the windshield should crack due to long periods of extreme heat buildup in the vehicle. If you have a chip in your windshield it may get worse and require a Rock chip repair.

  • If you get a rock chip from tiny stones, gravel, or other types of road debris have the chip repair fixed as soon as possible to prevent future damage. A rock chip repair is a lot less time consuming and expensive than your auto glass replaced because you waited too long or the stress of the chip caused the windshield to crack.

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