If you find a rock chip or crack in your windshield, you should repair it immediately. The damage to the windshield can become more severe if you wait too long. Any debris or heavy rain, snow or wind can damage the glass more, and you could end up needing a windshield replacement instead of a quick windshield chip repair. Broken auto glass replacement or a windshield replacement is a lot more costly and time consuming.

Your car windshield is one of the first things people see and they will notice if the glass has even the smallest of scratches. There is an important reason to repair the cracked windshield – your safety and your passenger’s safety. Your car’s windshield plays a vital role in the structural integrity of your car, in the event of an accident, it keeps you and your passengers from being thrown out of the car and it provides 30% of the structural makeup of the roof of your car so if you are involved in a rollover accident, your chances of the roof collapsing are less likely.

In many cases, a cracked windshield or a windshield chip repair is possible and it is less expensive and time consuming than a windshield replacement. At Centennial Auto Glass in Minneapolis, MN the glass repair technicians are NGA certified and have over 25 years of experience repairing and replacing broken auto glass. If you cannot get your car to them, they will come to you.

The certified technicians take several steps to repair your cracked windshield. The first step is evaluating the damage. If the crack in your cars auto glass is less than six inches wide, a quick repair is done.

All newer model cars (generally speaking nearly every car on the road today) have glass that is two layers thick, with a rubber membrane in between the layers of glass. As long as the damage is on the first layer of glass and does not involve the membrane a quick repair can be done, it takes roughly a half an hour to fix.

The NGA certified technician will inject an epoxy into to the crack. If necessary other types of adhesives may be used to reinforce the glass so it stays in place. The chip windshield or cracked windshield repair is a permanent fix that prevents the damage fix. Your car’s windshield will look just as it did before the crack.