Your car’s windshield is at a high risk of becoming damaged during the winter months - ice can cause chips and cracks. While a rock chip repair is, a quick job compared to a cracked windshield repair or a windshield replacement, it still is a nuisance.

Minneapolis, MN gets more than their fair share of bitter cold temperatures, ice, and of course mountains of snow. This causes auto glass installers to keep busy during the winter months. At Centennial Auto Glass if the weather is too nasty to go out in or your car’s windshield is too damaged too badly we will come to your home or place of business and do your rock chip repair, windshield repair or windshield replacement.

Prevent abrupt temperature changes -  Don’t use hot or boiling water to attempt to defrost your windshield. If there is ice on the windshield, you could easily crack it and need an auto glass repair or auto glass replacement. Instead, turn on your car’s defroster, let the windshield slowly warm up, and melt the ice or snow.

Use an ice scraper to remove the ice on your windshield - You can very easily scratch, chip or crack your car’s windshield by a shovel, putty knife or anything else that is not designed to remove ice. Always use a “good" ice scraper and avoid the cheap plastic ones. You can also try spray on deicers and you may not even need an ice scraper. Some deicers such as HEAT work very well. Never use rock salt on your windshield it will damage it if not completely destroy it. Just because rock salt works well in your driveway doesn’t mean you should use it on your auto glass.

Make sure the windshield is clean and you have windshield wiper fluid in the reservoir - A clean windshield will allow you to remove ice easier and prevent a rock chip from occurring. Use winter windshield washer fluid that has an ice mix in the solution for easier cleaning.

Repair any windshield damage before winter hits - if you have a rock chip in your windshield, have a rock chip repair done, if your windshield has a crack or numerous deep scratches have the windshield repaired or have a windshield replacement done.