Mobile auto glass servicing is a convenient and easy option, but it isn't ideal for every scenario. In general, mobile installations can become necessary if a vehicle owner simply cannot get their car to the shop otherwise. However, though in-shop servicing may be less convenient, it's usually better for the vehicle.

Mobile Auto Glass Service: Fast, Effective, and Easy

One of the challenges when dealing with auto glass repairs is that often the vehicle can't be driven with its current damage. A mobile auto glass service comes out to you, so you don't have to get your car towed to the shop. Mobile glass servicing often operates outside of traditional business hours, so you can get your vehicle repaired before, after, or even during work. Most auto glass repairs are easy enough that the technician can do it in a matter of an hour or two. When it comes to dents and small cracks, mobile auto glass servicing is often the easiest way to get your vehicle repaired. 

In-Shop Auto Glass Service: Comprehensive and Cheap

What in-shop auto glass service lacks in convenience, it makes up in comprehensiveness. An in-shop auto glass service provides your technicians and mechanics with far superior equipment, making it easier to repair more significant damage. An in-shop auto glass service can also be more affordable, as you don't need to pay for the convenience of having a technician come to your home (this is often true even when towing fees are considered). If your vehicle has fairly severe damage, such as a crack across the whole windshield, better work is likely to be done in shop. Many insurance companies will only cover in-shop auto servicing because the rates are generally much lower. Further, many smaller shops may not offer anything but in-shop auto glass service regardless. 

Many shops offer both mobile and in-shop auto servicing. You'll have the very same technicians, they just won't have the same equipment with them for a mobile servicing as they might for an in-shop service. You can always ask for a technician to come down for a consultation first -- they can then tell you whether an in-shop repair may be best for your car. But, in general, if you can get your vehicle to the shop, an in-shop repair is generally preferable. If your vehicle cannot be moved or you have a very inconvenient schedule, a mobile repair will give you very similar results.