Have you ever noticed a crack in your windshield and had no idea how it got there? At Centennial Glass, we fix cracked windshield every day. We have observed several common reasons why your windshield breaks. Below we give a brief explanation of why there are cracks in your windshield and what you can do about it. If you have any further questions or need a windshield repair, contact us today.

1. Hail
Hail storms can occur in almost any season in Minnesota. Hail the size of a nickel can impact the front or rear windshield of your car and cause small chips, which can lead to cracks over time. When hail strikes your windshield, your best option is to bring your vehicle to our auto glass repair center to keep the cracks from spreading.

2. Faulty Installation
Although it’s rare to see a poorly installed windshield from a car manufacturer, it’s not so rare to see a defective windshield replacement. In most cases, a previous technician either ordered the wrong windshield or did not set it into the framework correctly. A poor installation can be dangerous at times when you need window protection during a collision.

3. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations
Temperatures can drastically change in Minnesota during the Fall and Spring seasons. If the temperature rises from freezing into warmer temperatures within a day, it can affect the outer edges of the window. Leaving your car outside during the summer can also affect the glass if temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

4. Sunlight
One of the reasons temperatures fluctuate at an accelerated rate is sunlight. The sun’s heat on metal and other materials around the glass can cause the glass edges to expand faster than the middle of the glass. This leads to cracks along the surface and eventually through the center. We recommend parking your car inside or under a shade whenever possible.

5. High Winds
When it’s windy outside, dust, dirt, and debris, can slam into your car's windshield. Over prolonged exposure, the particles can eventually penetrate the glass surface and cause chips. The good news is that windshield chip repair is fast and easy. Simply bring your car to our service center, and we can buff out the chips before they become cracks.

Dependable Auto Glass Replacement in Minneapolis
If you live in the Twin Cities metro area and need a cracked windshield repaired, then come by and visit us at Centennial Glass. We offer auto glass replacement, windshield chip repair, and full front and rear windshield replacement. We work on all types of personal and commercial vehicles for owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule an inspection and repair, contact us at 651-653-1777, or you can message us at dave@CentennialGlass.biz.