Manufacturers design windshields to provide maximum protection for all passengers in a vehicle. The tempered glass can withstand impact from small and large objects. What happens when your front windshield has cracks, chips, or broken parts? Below we take a look at why damaged glass is hazardous to your safety and why you need windshield replacement.

Damaged Glass Offers Limited Vision
The first hazard that damaged glass presents is to your vision. If chips or cracks spread across the windshield, it makes it difficult for a driver to see on the other side. During the daytime, harsh sunlight will hit the glass and blind the driver as the UV rays magnify through the cracks. In Minnesota, it is common to see windshield with chips in the glass due to debris from farming or construction. Small chips can limit visibility as much as large cracks. If you have small chips along the windshield, we recommend that you visit our service center so that we can smooth them out.

Damaged Glass Offers Less Protection
A glass in excellent condition offers solid protection for drivers and passengers during a collision or impact. A cracked glass, however, offers less protection because it lacks stability. Nothing is holding the entire piece together if it has cracks. Therefore, a collision or impact can compromise the integrity of the windshield and the safety of the passenger. The longer you wait to repair the window, the worse the cracks will get. As the cracks get larger, the window gets weaker. If you start to notice cracks in the windshield, you should repair the window as soon as possible.

Structural Instability in the Roof
When a car rolls over in a collision, part of the roof's structural stability comes from the auto glass. The glass has enough strength to keep the roof from caving in from the weight of the car. The largest piece of glass is the windshield. If the windshield is intact, it can provide stability for the roof. If not, the roof may have a greater chance of caving in when the car rolls over. Rather than taking a chance with a chipped or cracked windshield, you should bring your car to Centennial Glass for a complete windshield or side window repair.

Professional Windshield Replacement in Lino Lakes, Minnesota
If you live in the Twin Cities area and need to get the glass in your vehicle replaced or repair, bring your car to Centennial Glass. We specialize in auto glass repair and full front or rear windshield replacement for all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We can also repair auto glass on a commercial vehicle as well. To schedule an inspection and a windshield replacement, call us at 651-653-1777, or you can message us at