Your vehicle’s side mirror goes by many different names, including a wing mirror, fender mirror, door mirror, and outside rearview mirror. This type of mirror serves an important purpose while you are driving because it helps you to see blind spots behind and to the side of your car.


If your mirror is damaged, you’ll be even more blind to your vehicle’s blind spots, which can increase the risk of a car accident. That’s why it’s so important to have your external rearview mirror replaced if it’s damaged or missing.


If you need a new side mirror, our team at Centennial Glass is always ready to help. Below, we’ve listed a few of our most common questions about side mirror replacement, so you know what to expect.


Why Would Your Side Mirror Need to Be Replaced?

A side mirror can become cracked or damaged in a number of ways. If the mirror is chipped, cracked, or hanging from your door, it needs to be replaced. Accidents are one common reason why a side mirror may need to be replaced.


You may side-swipe a garbage can or mailbox, damaging your mirror in the process. Road debris, such as flying rocks, can also damage a side mirror, though those incidents are not very common.


What Should You Expect When Having A Side Mirror Replaced?

You can expect the entire unit to be replaced. The glass or mirror itself cannot be replaced, so you must get an entirely new mount, complete with new glass. The replacement process is generally very fast, and it can be completed in under an hour.


Since the auto glass repair technicians screw the unit into place, you do not have to worry about any adhesives or glues needing to dry before you drive off.


Why Shouldn’t I Just Fix the Mirror Myself?

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, replacing a side mirror might seem like a pretty simple job. You can get a replacement at a salvage yard, slap it on your vehicle, and be done with it. In reality, though, replacing or attempting to replace a damaged or missing side mirror could have some consequences you don’t particularly like.


If your vehicle is still under warranty, there’s a good chance that warranty specifies that you must use a genuine, OEM replacement mirror. If you get a used mirror, you could void the warranty. Worse, if you mess up the repair, you could damage the body of your vehicle, which will necessitate paint or body repairs, and you’ll still have to fork over the money to get your side mirror professionally replaced.


All things considered, it’s in your best interest to trust the pros with the job. You’ll get a workmanship guarantee and peace of mind knowing the work was completed by highly trained experts.


Will My Insurance Cover Side Mirror Replacement?

Whether your insurance will cover a new side mirror depends on your policy and the type of coverage you carry. If you have comprehensive insurance — the type that covers damage caused by acts of God or damage that’s your own fault — it should cover a side window replacement if the damage was caused by you or something you couldn’t control, like a hit-and-run.


But, since the cost to replace a side mirror is typically fairly low, it may not make sense to file a claim since your bill may not even exceed your deductible. However, if you have a very low deductible (like in the $100 range), filing a claim will likely save you some money on your new mirror.


If your damaged side mirror was the fault of another driver, that driver’s insurance should cover the replacement. You’ll have to get that person’s policy information and file a claim against their insurance to take advantage of the coverage.


To learn more about how insurance works for auto glass repairs, check out Does Filing an Auto Glass Repair Claim Affect Your Insurance?


Am I Allowed to Drive With a Damaged or Missing Side Mirror?

While it’s not illegal for most drivers to drive with a missing or damaged side mirror in Minnesota, it’s not recommended you do so. A broken or absent side mirror can decrease your ability to see cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and other elements to the side and behind you when you’re changing lanes or backing up.


Need a Side Mirror Replacement in the Twin Cities?

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