Got a rock chip in your windshield? How about a crack in your side window? If you’ve got a busy schedule to attend to, finding the time to visit your local auto glass repair shop can prove a challenge. Unfortunately, auto glass repair scammers are well aware of that fact, and they’ll unscrupulously solicit your business only to perform shoddy, low-quality repairs that can cause permanent damage. At Centennial Glass, we know how critical the integrity of your auto glass is for the safety of your entire vehicle. So, today, we’d like to discuss what you should look for in a dependable, trustworthy mobile auto glass repair company.


Industry-Standard Certifications

When you’re looking for trustworthy, well-trained auto glass repair technicians, industry-standard certifications are non-negotiable. To receive industry certification, technicians must undergo extensive training in industry best practices, as well as complete a certification exam that measures their skills.


At Centennial Auto Glass, all of our technicians hold National Glass Association certification, which means they’re expertly trained in advanced auto glass repair and replacement techniques. We take pride in delivering the highest quality workmanship possible, which is why we make this certification our company-wide standard.


Insurance Compatibility or Cash-Pay Discounts

A customer-focused auto glass repair company should be more than willing (and able) to communicate with your insurance provider regarding your claim and coverage. If your insurance policy does not include glass coverage, it will behoove you to see out an auto glass repair company that offers cash-pay discounts for clients who must pay out of pocket.


At Centennial Glass, we do both: If your policy covers auto glass repair, we’ll work directly with your insurance to set up your claim; if you must pay cash, we always have service discounts available. It’s our goal to make your repair process as easy, painless, and speedy as possible, which is why we do our best to take all the work off your hands.


OEM-Certified Replacement Materials

Have you ever been randomly approached by an auto glass repair “technician” who offers to perform a quick windshield crack repair in the fuel station parking lot? Avoid those guys at all costs! In most cases, those “technicians” don’t hold industry certification, and they use the lowest-quality, cheapest repair materials available; essentially, they’re walking scams.


A qualified, trustworthy mobile auto glass repair company will use only the highest quality repair materials and OEM replacement glass to ensure the integrity and safety of your vehicle. Our Centennial team works hard to ensure the quality and longevity of your repair by using only industry-best adhesives and high-grade auto glass made specifically for your vehicle.


Flexible Scheduling

If you’re looking for mobile auto glass repair, obviously, you’re in search of the convenience and flexibility the service provides. As such, you should only work with a company that’s willing and ready to meet you where you’re at.


Whether you need auto glass repair in your company’s parking lot or in your driveway, our team of qualified, personable technicians will meet you wherever you are. You’ll receive the same personalized service you’d get at our shop, just without the hassle of having to drive to us. It’s our goal to serve YOUR needs, not operate our business the other way around, which is why we always offer on-site repairs if it’s possible to correct the damage remotely.


Centennial Glass: Your Twin Cities Auto Glass Repair Specialists

At Centennial Glass, our team is committed to providing high-quality, personalized auto glass repair and replacement services for vehicle owners throughout the Northern Twin Cities metro. Whether you need a full windshield replacement, a minor car window repair, or anything in between, our qualified, certified technicians are ready to get the job done right. To learn more about our auto glass replacement and repair services or to schedule your appointment, give our team a call at 651-653-1777. You can also message us on our contact page with any questions.