If you’re dealing with auto glass damage, you’ve probably turned to the good ol' Internet in search of advice. After all, you’re reading this, right? Unfortunately, though, there’s a solid chance you’ve run across plenty of information that might be more harmful than helpful in your search for auto glass repair answers.


At Centennial Glass, we want you to know the truth, so today, we’re busting eight of the most common auto glass repair myths we hear. If you’ve been putting off essential repairs because of false information you read online, get ready to change your mind!


1. DIY Auto Glass Repairs Will Do the Trick

Do-it-yourself auto glass repair kits will never compare to professional auto glass repair—that’s a fact. Though you might be trying to save a few bucks, ultimately, performing your own auto glass repairs will cost you more in the long run.


Not only will you pay for the DIY kit, but if your repair fails — which is likely — you’ll end up paying for professional repairs or auto glass replacement, too.


2. Small Chips & Cracks Are Nothing to Worry About

Chips and cracks might start out small, but they sure don’t stay that size for long. Temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and a host of other occurrences can cause small cracks and chips to grow rapidly. And if you don’t tend to the damage as quickly as possible, auto glass repairs may be out of the question.


Neglecting essential, minor repairs almost always necessitates more expensive auto glass replacement down the road. So unless you’re looking to shell out extra cash, take your vehicle in for auto glass repairs as soon as you notice minor damage.


Still not convinced? Check out these four reasons you should never put off getting windshield repairs.


3. Windshield Damage Always Necessitates Auto Glass Replacement

This is flat-out false! Of course, you’ll need to consult with an experienced auto glass professional concerning your options, but in most cases, minor windshield damage only requires auto glass repair, not replacement. You usually only need a windshield replacement in the following situations:


●        The glass is visibly pitted

●        You have a crack that’s several inches long

●        You’re dealing with chips that are larger than a quarter

●        The damage extends to the outer edges of your windshield

●        There is a crack in the driver’s line of sight

●        The damage permeates both layers of windshield glass


Though the above situations almost always necessitate auto glass replacement, that may not always be the case in your particular situation. Auto glass repair capabilities are constantly evolving, so your best bet is to consult with a qualified technician for advice on your best course of action.


Check out Which Types of Windshield Chips Can Be Fixed? for more helpful info.


4. Auto Glass Repairs Take Forever

Worried you’ll have to rearrange your entire day just for a minor auto glass repair? Fear not! Small repairs, such as minor cracks or rock chips, should only take an hour or two at most, provided everything goes according to plan.


If you’re really in a time crunch or you just can’t get away from the office or your home, our mobile auto glass repair team is more than happy to come to you! We’ll meet you at the location you specify and perform the repairs on the spot. We do our very best to make the repair process as quick and convenient as possible, so you can get on with your day.


5. Driving Around With a Cracked Windshield Is Fine

Not so. In Minnesota, it’s illegal to operate your vehicle with a damaged windshield if the damage obstructs your view of the road in any way. You can be issued a citation for driving around with damaged auto glass, and on top of that, you’ll have to pay for repairs too.


Do yourself a favor and tend to the necessary repairs right away. You’ll save yourself money in the long run and points on your license to boot.


If you’d like to learn more about state laws regarding auto glass, check out the Minnesota State Statutes for everything you need to know. 


6. All Auto Glass Repair Companies Are Basically the Same

Again, not so. Over the last few decades, there’s been an increasing number of complaints filed against fraudulent auto glass repair businesses. These scammers typically offer great deals on auto glass repairs or replacements, but they don’t do it to be kind. Rather, they’re looking to commit insurance fraud, typically by convincing people they need unnecessary repairs or by inflating claims.


To avoid falling victim to one of these shady companies, it’s in your best interest to research repair shops extensively before you choose one. For more information on what you should look for, check out How to Find the Best Local Auto Glass Repair Shop.


7. Windshield Replacement Is Too Expensive

Too expensive compared to what? The danger you inevitably expose yourself to when you neglect essential auto glass repairs? Because keeping yourself safe is priceless.


Keep in mind that a damaged windshield compromises not only your safety but also the safety of anyone who rides in your vehicle. And suffering injuries as a result of your own negligence is never the less expensive option.


In many cases, your auto insurance will cover most (if not all) of the cost of your windshield replacement, depending on your policy’s stipulations, of course. At Centennial Auto Glass, we’re approved by all major insurance companies, so any time you have questions about your coverage or how the claims process works, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us!


8. Your Insurance Premium Will Increase if You File a Claim

This isn’t necessarily true. While it is true that your insurance company is well within its rights to raise rates after you file a repair claim for anything on your vehicle, auto glass repairs don’t typically trigger an increase. Most insurance companies generally leave rates alone, unless there's a claim for major repairs or several claims are made within a relatively short period.


To learn more about using your insurance for repairs, check out Does Filing an Auto Glass Repair Claim Affect Your Insurance?


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