If you’ve ever used a gas station squeegee to give your windshield a quick bath, you probably thought nothing of it. After all, that squeegee is like a cool, complimentary perk of going to the gas station, right?


Wrong. Although squeegeeing your auto glass while you fill your tank might not seem like a big deal, you could be inadvertently harming your windshield by using that little wand. That doesn’t exactly qualify as a perk.


Let’s take a look at what you should know before you use a gas station squeegee again.


Squeegee Cleaning Solution: Is It Safe to Use?

That blue-ish liquid sitting in most gas station squeegee tubs might look fairly harmless, and when it’s fresh, it probably is. That solution is likely an alcohol-based glass cleaner diluted with some plain water, which is essentially the same type of glass cleaner you probably have at home.


The problem comes in when you consider the fact that most gas stations have remarkably dirty squeegee solution because employees don’t change the solution nearly often enough. Dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of drivers use that squeegee daily to quickly wipe dirt, oil, bugs, and other abrasive particles off their auto glass. Given the number of times that squeegee gets used each day, that cleaning solution is likely more dirt than it is detergent.


Not only is the cleaning solution full of abrasive particles, but the squeegee itself is, too. Dirt, sand, and other small particles get trapped in the sponge, and when you run it across your auto glass, those particles etch tiny micro-scratches into your windows.


Over time, those tiny abrasions — they’re so small you can’t really see them — can collect dirt and grime, which can be tough to get out. Micro-scratches can also refract sunlight, contributing to glare and other visibility issues while you’re driving.


What’s Your Best Bet for Safe Windshield Cleaning?

If you really need to clean your windshield or other vehicle windows when you gas up, it’s in the best interest of your auto glass that you avoid the squeegee. Unless, of course, you can clearly see that the both the cleaning solution and wand are more clean than dirty. Instead, make a quick trip into the convenience store and pick up a vehicle-safe glass cleaner.


Most gas stations offer these types of products, but if you can’t find one, head to the restroom and grab some paper towels. Get them wet and use those damp towels to give your windshield a quick cleaning.


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