Your vehicle is exposed to harmful UV rays that can damage everything from your dashboard to your upholstery, making it important limit UV exposure. Fortunately, tinted windows can blunt the sun’s rays saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs, not to mention helping you avoid costly accidents by keeping the sun out of your eyes. These are just a few of the benefits of tinted windows.

UV Protection

Everything in the interior of your vehicle can suffer due to overexposure to sunlight. The net result being a less valuable vehicle for you, and an eye soar for everyone that steps inside your vehicle. For example, your dashboard can start to crack, chip and peel due to excessive sunlight. If you have leather seats, they can also lose their aesthetic appeal and start to rip or tear, if they’re continually exposed to UV rays. Tinted windows can act as a shield protecting the integrity of your vehicle’s interior, increasing its resale value and overall utility.  

Shatter Resistance

Tinted windows are more resistant to pressure and stress, resulting in less shattering or no shattering at all, when your windows are exposed to blunt forces. This is important, because auto glass replacement and broken auto glass can be expensive. While no one plans to shatter the windows of their vehicle, it’s important to mitigate the risk and cost of such incidents, if they occur. Shattered glass can have negative ramifications that are hard to predict but important to avoid.

Better Vision

The glare of the sun through your vehicle’s windows can make it difficult to see other motorists and pedestrians, which can result in costly accidents. Cutting down on sunlight can give you the edge and warning you need to avoid collisions. This is true whether you’re on city streets or changing lanes on the highway. It’s hard to quantify the impact of avoiding situations that can cause serious physical harm to you or those around you.

Tinted windows are more than just aesthetically pleasing, because they have the power to preserve your vehicle and save you money in repairs. They can also help you avoid costly collisions and accidents, by enhancing your ability to see the world around you. Be sure to get your windows tinted and start saving today.