When your car’s windshield has chips and dings, or cracks, or more extensive damage, you’ve likely wondered how to tell if the repair potentials you’ve seen advertised might apply or if you need a full windshield replacement. The reason the concept seems so befuddling is there really is no clear and easy answer. Whether or not a crack can be repaired depends on the size and how soon the issue is addressed. Chips and dings can typically be repaired, unless there are enough to make it more economical to conduct a full replacement. Modern technology embedded in the window adds a new element to the repair process and changes what traditionally determined whether a repair or replacement was necessary.

Repair Process for Dings and Chips

Dings and chips in the glass are repaired with a standard process of filling the damage in such a way as to make it invisible to the naked eye and prevent the damage from spreading. Typically, the repair is stronger than the original glass was, but the damage still remains underneath the repair compound. Should additional damage occur to an area already repaired, multiple repairs aren’t usually stackable.

Cracks: Case by Case

Cracks need a case by case evaluation as to whether or not they can be repaired. It depends on the size of the crack, both its length and depth across the length, along with how old the crack is and whether it has accumulated additional unseen damage around the edges. The one thing you can count on is the earlier you call a auto glass repair technicianauto glass repair technician the better odds you have for conducting a successful repair rather than needing a full windshield replacement.

When a Replacement is Necessary

At some point, repairs simply aren’t workable and a replacement is needed. Obviously, holes the size of a golf ball can’t be repaired. A new chip with extended tiny cracks may or may not be reparable, although if the damage overlaps a previous repair it likely needs replacement. Newer cars have technologies embedded in the glass so a repair is dependent on the damage not interrupting the function of the included features. When these circumstances apply and a full replacement windshield is required, it’s important to check with your insurance agent to review your options. Your insurance likely covers the damage and you’ll need to decide whether to use your coverage or pay out of pocket to keep future premiums down.


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