If you have a crack in your windshield, it is imperative that you have the crack filled in as quickly as possible. This helps to prevent the crack from growing larger and helps keep the structural integrity of the windshield in place. You have two options when it comes to repairing the windshield; you can repair it yourself or have a professional repair it. If money is tight or you like making automotive repairs yourself, you may quickly come to the conclusion that you can repair the crack yourself. But before you do, you should always take the time to learn the downsides of doing this. Here are a few of the disadvantages of repairing a windshield crack yourself.


You Only Get One Shot at Repairing a Crack or a Chip in a Windshield

One of the biggest downsides to repairing a windshield crack yourself is that you only get one shot to make the repair. If the repair is incorrectly made or it does not hold, there is no way to remove the resin, filler or film that was used to make the repair. As such, the only alternative is to replace your windshield. Because of this, many people prefer to have their windshields repaired by a professional who knows what they are doing, rather than to run the risk of making a mistake that cannot be reversed or repaired.


You Lack Professional Equipment

While there are windshield glass repair kits that you can buy in automotive repair stores and big box retailers, these kits do not have the high-quality resins and professional tools that professionals use to repair your shop. These professional tools and higher quality resins help to ensure a crack is properly filled and that the repair lasts for a prolonged period. This is not the case with do-it-yourself repair kits that may not last for a lengthy period.


Insurance Won't Cover a Do-It-Yourself Kit

Many people think that it costs more to hire a professional to repair your windshield chip or crack. But what they fail to realize is that many auto companies offer discounted rates to have your windshield repaired. Some will charge you only your insurance deductible, while other businesses, such as Progressive, offer free chip repair and crack repair on any covered vehicle. This makes hiring a professional a lot more affordable and more in line with do-it-yourself kits.


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