If you've been in a crash and suffered a broken window, your insurance company likely covered the repair, and you had no part in how it happened. However, not all broken windows are the result of a traffic accident. Unfortunately, there can be vandalism which results in a broken window, road debris can cause a chip or crack whether it expands or not, or in some cases, if the weather is just right a window can crack on a hot day. In each of these situations, it becomes a safety issue to have the windshield repaired. Even if your insurance does cover the repair, you may decide it's better to pay out of pocket rather than use the insurance company.


Chip, Cracks, and Breaks

Whips in a windshield can typically be repaired, which takes a lot less time and is less expensive than a full windshield replacement. Each situation is different, and nobody can account for certain if a chip can be filled until a qualified professional technician takes a look and evaluates the nature of the chip along with any other damage the layman may have overlooked.


Cracks are even harder to predict, but it is in the car's owner's best interest to have cracks addressed as soon as possible because there is a better chance of conducting a repair than a replacement if the problem is taken care of before it gets bigger. Windows with a complete hole or multiple chips and cracks are going to have to be replaced. It's nothing to get upset about, the car was designed with the knowledge the window may have to be replaced, and there is a set repair procedure to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.


Repair Service at Your Convenience

One of the greatest concepts modern window replacement companies have come up with is that we can come to you to conduct the repair. Whether you're at home or work, simply meet us at the car for a few minutes, and we'll get right to work while you go about your day. When we're finished, we can give you a call so you can inspect our work and then we'll be out of your way. The convenience is much nicer than having to find a ride home after dropping your car off at a shop, and likely have to take a day off work to get your car repaired.