Your windshield is an important safety feature in your car. It protects you from the elements and road debris. You may be destroying your windshield by how you treat and care for your vehicle. Centennial Glass discusses five crazy ways that car owners can destroy their windshields.

5 Crazy Ways Car Owners Destroy Their Windshields
In our years of windshield replacement and repair, we have encountered many different ways owners ruin and even destroy their windshields. Your windshield stands between the outside and you while you are driving and protects you from the elements. Caring properly for your windshield can add life and let you avoid costly auto glass replacement. Here are five ways you destroy your windshield:

1. Cleaning Your Windshield With Glass Cleaner. While keeping your windshield clean does not sound crazy, using the wrong products on your windshield can ruin the coating. This coating not only helps avoid UV damage to your car’s interior interior, but it protects your windshield from the harsh elements. Over time, the wrong cleaner can make your windshield cloudy, causing the need for auto glass replacement.

2. Banging on an Icy Windshield to Remove Ice. There have actually been cases where we replaced windshields as a result of the owner tapping ice off of their windshield with a hammer or other object. Glass and hitting do not go together. You should never hit your windshield to remove ice!

3. Defrosting an Icy Windshield With Hot Water. So you are smarter than banging on your windshield to get the ice off and decide to get some hot water to melt the ice. The difference in temperature between the cold glass and the hot water causes the windshield to shatter. If you need to remove ice, either scrape with a plastic tool, or even let your car run with the defrost fan blowing on the windshield to melt the ice.

4. Leaving Aerosol Cans in Your Car in Hot Weather. We all know how hot a car gets in the summer heat. Have you read the back of an aerosol can lately? One of the big warnings on aerosol cans is to not store the can in hot temperatures. That can of hairspray, deodorant, or cleaner can explode in the extremely hot temperatures of a car interior in the summer. Explosion equals projectile and will make you have to replace your windshield (or other car glass).

5. Not Fixing Small Rock Chips. If you have full coverage insurance on your car, most likely the repair of a small chip is free or very low cost. Even if you pay in full to repair a rock chip, it is cheaper than a full windshield replacement. By neglecting to repair small rock chips as they happen, you face the chip becoming a crack that will force the need for a windshield replacement.

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