Want to avoid a trip to the auto glass repair shop? Then you must pay attention to how you treat your windshield and vehicle windows! Yes, cleaning those windows periodically is important, but there are other critical things you must do to keep your auto glass in great shape.


Unfortunately, many drivers incur chips and cracks in their vehicle windows purely because they don’t anticipate that their actions might be damaging. What actions are we referring to? Read on to discover some of the unexpected ways you can inadvertently damage your vehicle windows. 


Using Unsafe Cleaning Tactics

Yes, you can damage your auto glass by cleaning it carelessly. To make sure that doesn’t happen, never use abrasive cleaning tools or cleaning products that contain ammonia. Only clean your auto glass with a designated auto glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towels.


Following Other Vehicles Too Closely

Other vehicles’ tires can easily propel road debris straight at your vehicle. If you’re following too closely, that flying debris can collide with your windshield or side windows and leave behind chips or cracks that necessitate auto glass repairs.


Unfortunately, in some cases, this type of damage is totally unavoidable even if you are keeping a safe distance. However, erring on the side of caution and leaving about five seconds between you and the driver in front of you can reduce your risk considerably. 


Parking Under Trees

Parking in the shade of a huge tree sounds like a great way to keep your vehicle cool during the summer months, but it’s also a great way to incur windshield damage. Branches can suddenly detach and fall on your vehicle, squirrels can drop acorns or other objects, and ultimately, you could end up with a surprise windshield crack.


To avoid this scenario, try to park in a covered area whenever possible. If you must park on the curb, make sure you have comprehensive auto insurance.


Exposing Your Auto Glass to Dramatic Temperature Fluctuations

Your auto glass is designed to withstand temperature extremes, but it may not be able to withstand exposure to sudden, drastic temperature changes. When your windshield is freezing cold, cranking your defrost or heater to high can stress the glass and may even cause it to crack. The same holds true for a scorching windshield that’s exposed to a sudden rush of cold air from your air conditioner.


To avoid accidental temperature-related windshield damage, always adjust your heater and a/c gradually when you start your vehicle. Otherwise, you may end up forking over your hard-earned cash for unexpected windshield repairs


Failing to Replace Your Windshield Wipers

You know your wiper blades deteriorate over time, and when the rubber on those blades no longer makes full contact with your windshield, it’s time for wiper replacements. When you continue using worn windshield wipers, the rubber can partially detach from the metal blade, leaving the metal exposed. With repeated use, those worn blades can etch scratches in your windshield. Ultimately, you’ll need windshield repairs to prevent the damage from worsening.


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