You may have heard this story a few times in the past. A person who is drunk smashes their windshield after they run into a pole or some other immovable object. While the person does survive the accident, their car is not as lucky and will need major repairs done on it. The question that begs to be answered at this point is, will an auto insurance claim cover damages that are incurred due to drunk driving? Can you get your windshield replaced with the use of your insurance policy when the damage is brought about by your being intoxicated?

When you find yourself in an “accident” that happened due to your being drunk, this is no longer considered an accident since this was caused by something that you consciously did. Your being under the influence of alcohol is not considered an accident since you chose to imbibe yourself, thereby making the damage to your car something of your own doing. In cases like this, the question of whether or not the damage to your vehicle and to your windshield in particular, is dependent on the kind of insurance you have.

Whether or not the repair costs to your vehicle are covered is also dependent on who is at fault for the accident. If you were behind the wheel, but are not at fault for the accident, the cost of the repairs will have to come from the insurance of the person at fault, or the other vehicle. This would also depend on the kind of insurance policy the other person has.

When you find yourself in a vehicular accident due to drunk driving, if you were intoxicated when it happened, and although the fault was not yours, there will be repercussions. If you are found to be under the influence, you will still face certain fines, although repairs to your vehicle may still be covered by the other person’s insurance. You will still find yourself at risk of becoming a high-risk insurance payer since you have been found behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Another consideration that needs to be made when an insurance company is asked to cover the damages of a vehicle that got into an accident due to drunk driving is whether or not the insurance policy in question has the right coverage for such repairs. Some insurance policies may allow the repair of the vehicle’s body but does not cover glass replacement or repair. Some policies however cover all damages made on the vehicle. This is why it is important to take note of what a policy covers when you are taking it out.

In the end, when you find yourself intoxicated, it is best for you not to get behind the wheel at all. If your vehicle gets damaged by someone else who gets behind the wheel while they are drunk, they are responsible for the repairs to your vehicle, whether it be windshield replacement or repairs, or any other repairs. To find out more about your own insurance policy, it may be best if you talk to your insurance provider about this.