They say that doing the job right requires the use of the right tools and the experience to know what you are doing. When it comes to replacing windshield repair or replacement Centennial Auto Glass has the right tools and the experience to do the job right the first time.

To answer the question, How easy is the process to replace automobile glass, it is not difficult if you know what you are doing. It seems like anyone should be able to take out the windshield and replace it. The problem is that windshields and rear windshields are not just windows. They are actually part of the structural support of the vehicle. There are other issues that complicate the process. Those include embedded antenna, HUD systems, and even defroster strips.

Windshield Replacement

Replacing the front windshield when it is damaged is often required by law. It is also a matter of common sense. The windshield is not just there to keep the wind out of the vehicle when you are driving or rain out of the vehicle when its raining, it is there to protect you from a variety of things. Flying insects are one such hazard. If you were driving down the street at 25 MPH and a flying insect collided with your eye, you would lose your eye. If you are traveling down the highway at 55 MPH and a rock struck you, it would do so with the force of a bullet. The fact that you have damage on your windshield is proof that the windshield is there to protect you. A damaged windshield offers less protection than one that is in perfect condition. Getting chips repair or the unit replaced is how you keep your protection at its best.



Vandalism and car break-ins are nasty business. Sometimes your insurance will cover the cost of repairing the glass that was broken during an auto burglary. Centennial Auto Glass is very skilled at replacing broken side windows and mirrors. We not only can take the door panels apart and put them back together at factory specs, we will clean up the broken glass. In fact, all of the work we do is to factory or higher specification. We can help you fill out paperwork for the insurance company as needed.

  • We are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council.

  • We are approved to work with most insurance companies.

  • We use only the best and approved glass adhesives

  • We are not afraid of small jobs like repairing your mirror.

  • We offer 25 years of experience

  • We repair rock damage, chips, and can replace your entire windshield as needed.

  • We can install HUD windshields on specialized vehicles.

We offer a complete and comprehensive service. Our team is happy to come to you for your repair. We are a St Paul auto glass expert company. We provide auto glass replacement and repair service throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. We also offer cash discounts.

We are here to help!

There is no reason to drive around with a broken, chipped, or cracked windshield. As your Minneapolis auto glass expert, we are here to help with windshield replacement or repair. Call us today for an estimate. We will come to your work, your home or you can come to us for repair. We make the entire process easy and affordable. When you have the right tools to do the job, then doing the job right is an easy task. We take pride in the work we do because we know that you take pride in the car you drive. 

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