Hailstorms are an unpleasant reality of nature and often result in damaged windshields, broken glass around your car, and lasting surface dents. Windshields are often damaged during hailstorms and might be the only damaged glass on a vehicle. Windshields with damage should always be inspected as soon as possible by a certified technician. Trained professionals can diagnose if a damaged windshield needs to be replaced or if a simple repair is required.

Size of the damage – hail comes in many sizes and usually results in a smaller damaged area than the size of the hail.Dings to windshields that are about the size of a dime are commonly repaired.  The repair is a simple process and lasts for the duration of the usable life of the glass.  Damage that is larger than a dime should always be inspected by a certified technician.  Cracks almost always require windshield replacement.

Location of the damage – damage that is directly in front of the driver will impair the vision of the driver.  Have a technician determine if the damage is minor or if it will impair the driver’s vision. Windshields should be replaced if damage impairs the driver’s ability to see the road.

Damage near the edges of the windshield can significantly decrease the structural integrity of the windshield.  A certified auto glass repair technician should always inspect a windshield with damage to the corners and edges of glass.  Windshield border damage might be noticeable as dings after a hailstorm.  Hailstorm damage may result in the development of cracks in the days to months following the storm.

Centennial Auto Glass has technicians on hand to assess damage to windshields and the side windshields.  Simply call us and we will help you with the repair process and communicating with your insurance company.