If your vehicle has a sunroof or moonroof, you know what a luxury having a little extra ventilation and a nice view of the sky can be. But what happens if that window sustains some form of damage? Should you fix it or let it be? After all, you don’t look through that window to keep your eyes on the road, so is sunroof repair actually a necessity? Read on to find out.


Should You Get Sunroof Repairs for Minor Glass Cracks or Chips?

It might seem unlikely that a sunroof will develop rock chips or cracks, but it’s possible. With enough velocity, road debris can easily fly over the top of your vehicle and collide with the window above you. Luckily, that window is fashioned from tempered glass (like your vehicle’s rear window), which means it’s probably strong enough to withstand minor impacts. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t sustain any damage from them.


If a rock or falling piece of debris ends up creating a chip or crack in the glass, that damage can easily spread. And since a sunroof or moonroof is more prone to shattering when it’s already damaged, prompt sunroof repairs are critical.


Do You Need Repairs for a Damaged Sunroof Track?

If your sunroof is motorized, it relies on an interior track along the window frame that allows it to move back and forth automatically. But if that track deteriorates or somehow sustains damage, the window will not be able to open and close completely. In some cases, it may leave the interior of your vehicle exposed to the elements.


It’s also possible for your sunroof or moonroof to move out of alignment within that track, which will also prevent it from opening and closing properly and may even cause it to stick in place. Whether you’re dealing with a damaged track or a misaligned piece of glass, tending to sunroof repairs as quickly as you can is the best way to prevent water from leaking into your vehicle.


What Can Happen When You Neglect Sunroof Repairs?

If you ignore a damaged sunroof, the existing damage is bound to get worse. Since the glass on top of your vehicle is directly exposed to the sun, it can heat to high temperatures, which may encourage expansion, and ultimately, further cracking.


Track misalignments or debris accumulation within the track can also encourage water to leak into your vehicle, which can prompt mold growth if you’re unaware of the problem. Even if mold doesn’t develop, a water leak can easily cause upholstery deterioration, which will devalue your vehicle.


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