Sunroofs and moonroofs are luxury features added to many cars and SUVs. The benefits of having an open window above you as you drive adds extra ventilation and natural sunlight, which is hard to beat. But if your sunroof is not functioning correctly, is a repair really necessary for such an extraneous feature? If your sunroof has a broken track, leaks, or has chips in the glass, repairs should be made quickly to avoid a larger problem.

Cracks and Chips

Just like your windshield, sunroof glass is made of tempered glass. The glass on your sunroof can easily become cracked or chipped from rocks or debris being kicked up on the road. Even the smallest cracks and chips can begin to spread throughout the glass. While sunroofs are certainly shatter resistant, they are not completely shatterproof. If your sunroof shatters, it can be a dangerous situation and a costly clean up. You should always replace the sunroof glass as soon as you notice a small chip.

Broken Track

Most sunroofs work by a motorized cable system that pulls the glass along a track. If the track becomes damaged, the sunroof will not open or close properly. Sunroofs can also become misaligned along the track and close incorrectly. A broken track with the sunroof left open should be repaired immediately for safety and security. Even if the sunroof track is broken with the sunroof in the closed position, a professional should still repair the sunroof to ensure leaks do not occur.

Sunroof Leaks

Within the sunroof are small drains that work to funnel water away from the sunroof and track. Sometimes, though, small debris can cause the drain to clog. When this happens, the water is not diverted away from the car and leaks can form within.

Another common problem that can cause a sunroof to leak is when the rubber gasket starts to deteriorate. Over time, the rubber will start to dry out, which can cause cracking and flaking, allowing water to penetrate the seal. If your sunroof is leaking, it should be repaired immediately to prevent an even bigger leak from occurring.

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