While it is not very common, the glass on your sunroof can shatter when you are involved in an automobile accident or if a piece of road debris, such as a rock, hits your sunroof. If your sunroof has a crack or has shattered, Centennial Glass can replace the sunroof. Here are the steps that are followed by an auto glass shop when completing a sunroof repair.

Removing the Shattered Glass

The first step an auto glass repair shop will take when repairing the sunroof is removing the remaining shattered glass still stuck to around the sunroof and the interior of your vehicle. It is important that any shattered glass and remaining glass around the sunroof is removed properly. Any remaining shards of glass in the sunroof can prevent the new glass from fitting properly. Any glass inside of your vehicle can be a safety hazard.

Removing the Seal Holding the Glass in Place

The next step an auto glass repair shop takes when repairing the sunroof is making sure that the adhesive seal that held the sunroof in place is removed. Removing any residue from the seal can be tricky. Depending on the exact type of material your seal with made from, solvents can be used to dissolve the seal material, and/or items such as thin razor blades can be used to gently cut out any remaining residue. Removing any adhesive left from the seal helps to ensure the glass will slide into place properly, and ensures a new seal can be placed without any remaining residue from the old one remaining.

Installing a New Seal and Sunroof

The final step to completing the sunroof repair involves installing a new seal and sunroof. Ask the repair shop if they use OEM glass or aftermarket glass for the repair. OEM glass comes from your vehicle's manufacturer. The glass is carefully fitted into your sunroof to ensure it fits without any leaks and then a seal is placed, making sure the interior of your vehicle is protected from the elements.

When you need auto glass repair in the greater Twin Cities, Minneapolis area, turn to Centennial Glass. We can handle all of your auto glass repairs and replacements, including windshield repair, car window repair and sunroof repair. We offer competitive pricing or can work with your insurance company. Schedule your appointment for auto glass repair today.