Sandblasted windshields are a hazard to drivers in both personal and commercial vehicles. Fortunately, Centennial Glass can remove the dust and debris from your windshield and restore back to 100% condition. We can also file a claim with your insurance company so that you don’t have to do it. Although most sandblasted windshields can be repaired, there are some extreme cases - particularly in commercial vehicles - where we may need to perform a windshield replacement. Below we explain what a sandblasted windshield is and what you should do if you have a damaged glass.

Sandblasted Windshield Explained
As you drive down the road, you may see or hear tiny particles of dust or sand bouncing against your windshield. The dust and tiny debris are not sizable enough to cause any serious cracks or broken pieces to the glass. Over an extended period, enough dust and sand can cause tiny pits and chips to emerge on the windshield surface. At first, you may not notice it. In time, however, the chips will become more pronounced. You may have to bring your car to our service center to restore the glass.

What Causes a Windshield to Become Sandblasted
If you are one of those drivers who tailgate others, your car is a prime candidate for a sandblasted windshield. The closer you are to the vehicle in front of you, the greater the impact on the windshield by sand projecting from the rear tires. We recommend that you keep at least a two to three-second distance between you and the car in front of you. Fewer particles are likely to make contact with the windshield surface.

Another possible reason why your windshield is sandblasted is because of where you drive or the type company vehicle you have. For instance, if you work on a farm or a construction site, a higher amount of dust and debris will hit your windshield at moderate to high speeds. Since more dirt and sand make their way into the air, the particles are likely to be slightly bigger. Thus, the impact on the windshield is much greater.

Limited Visibility When Driving
When the sun glares during the day, the pits in your windshield more pronounced, and your vision is obscured. Small pits will gradually turn into small cracks as your windshield deteriorates. Centennial Glass can fully restore your windshield back to its original condition. We can remove all the pits and chipped areas of the surface and smooth out the glass so that you can see more clearly while you’re driving.

Auto Glass Repair From Centennial Glass
Centennial Glass certified technicians reduce or prevent the damage to your windshield caused by dust and sand. Centennial provides complete auto glass repair, windshield replacement, and rock chip repair for vehicle owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Our service extends to both personal and commercial vehicles. To schedule a repair or get a free estimate, contact us at 651-653-1777, or you can message us at