Would you believe it if we told you damaged auto glass generates more insurance claims than any other vehicle component? It’s true — according to Insurance Journal, each year, over 7.5 million vehicle owners file insurance claims for damaged vehicle windows! If you elected auto glass coverage as part of your insurance plan, you’ve made a smart decision, but what happens if you use it? Does filing an auto glass claim negatively affect your insurance? Will your insurance company cover the full cost of repairs or replacement? Our team at Centennial Glass delves into the details below.


How Does Filing an Auto Glass Claim Affect Your Insurance Rate?

Whenever you file an auto insurance claim, your insurance company has the option of increasing your rate. While minor, infrequent claims do not typically generate a rate spike, more frequent or severe claims will almost always add several dollars to your monthly insurance premium.


Keep in mind, though, that if the damage was your fault — even if it’s your first infraction — your insurance rate will typically increase. In the insurance provider’s eyes, an at-fault driver presents a greater monetary risk for the company, and insurance is still a business, after all. Just as a poor credit score will net you a higher interest rate on loans and credit cards, a poor driving record will net you steeper insurance costs.


Weighing Your Auto Glass Repair or Replacement Options: Speak With Your Agent

Have questions about filing an auto glass repair or replacement claim? Wondering how the claim might affect your insurance rate? Feel free to contact your agent and outline your concerns directly.


Be sure to inquire about how your claim may affect your insurance immediately, as well as how it might impact your future rate. When the time comes to renew your policy, a surprise rate increase isn’t something you’ll appreciate discovering.


When Should You File a Claim for Your Auto Glass?

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you file a claim for auto glass replacement or repair. However, in certain instances, it may behoove you to pay for the repair out of pocket rather than filing a claim. If the repairs do not meet your current deductible, there’s no reason to file a claim since your insurance won’t cover a penny of the bill. In other instances, though, filing a claim is definitely in your best interest, depending on your policy’s stipulations, of course. Those situations include:


●        Minor cracks or chips. If you’re dealing with small chips or cracks in your auto glass, your insurance company may waive your deductible if you opt for repairs over replacement. This is not true for every insurance provider, so if you’re unsure of your company’s policy, speak with your agent for additional details.


●        You were not at fault. If your glass damage was caused by another driver, that individual’s insurance should cover the full amount of your auto glass replacement or repair. You won’t need to file a claim with your own provider to obtain benefits, but you will need to get the other driver’s insurance information for verification.


●        You have accident forgiveness. If your insurance provider offers accident forgiveness (and you currently have it as part of your existing policy) your rate may not increase even if you file an at-fault auto glass claim. Speak with your agent directly for further details regarding accident forgiveness policies.


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