A cracked, shattered, or missing side mirror may not seem like a big deal, but that assumption can put your safety at risk. At Centennial Glass, we always stress the importance of having fully intact auto glass, regardless of whether it’s a windshield, a rear window, passenger windows, or side mirrors. If you’ve got a broken side mirror, here are 3 important reasons you need to seek out immediate auto glass replacement.


Damaged Side Mirrors Impede Visibility

Safe driving requires full visibility to the front, sides, and rear of your vehicle. But when you have a broken or missing side mirror, a large section of the roadway and surrounding traffic is out of your field of vision. Reduced visibility while driving is dangerous for many reasons, including:


●        Inability to view vehicles or pedestrians in your blind spots

●        Impeded view of vehicles that are rapidly approaching from the rear

●        Reduced ability to change lanes safely

●        Reduced ability to recognize and react to emergency vehicles that approach from the rear


While your interior rearview mirror provides substantial visibility, it doesn’t cover every inch of the roadway behind you and to either side of your vehicle — that’s why your side mirrors are so critical. Seeking out prompt auto glass replacement is the best way to protect your safety and the safety of the drivers and pedestrians you share the road with.


A Cracked Side Mirror Can Shatter

Even if your side mirror has just a single crack, you run the risk of shattering it if you leave it unrepaired. A little too much force when closing your vehicle door can end in a cascade of dangerous glass shards falling to the ground. And even if those shards don’t cause physical harm to you or your passengers, they do pose a potential threat to the integrity of your tires.


Anytime there’s a risk of shattered glass, whether it stems from your side mirrors, windshield, or passenger windows, it’s important to have the issue corrected immediately. To protect you and your passengers’ safety and reduce the risk of incurring a leaky tire, have your damaged side mirror replaced by a qualified auto glass replacement specialist as soon as possible.   


You Might Get Pulled Over

It may not be illegal to drive around with a single damaged side mirror, but patrol officers may pull you over nonetheless. Keep in mind that in Minnesota, all passenger vehicles are required to have rearview mirrors, while box trucks and pickup trucks hauling trailers must also feature an additional side mirror.


Most Twin Cities patrol officers recommend having two fully intact side mirrors in addition to the rearview mirror inside your vehicle. Having adequate posterior visibility while driving ensures you can readily see oncoming emergency vehicles and respond accordingly. If you’ve got a damaged side mirror, whether it has a single crack or the glass is completely gone, it’s always a good idea to head to an auto glass replacement specialist at your earliest convenience. 


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