When a vehicle needs a windshield replacement, how do auto glass repair technicians go about removing the existing glass? And how do they get the new windshield to stay in place? It all comes down to using the right tools.


With the right tools, auto glass repair specialists can remove an irreparable windshield without causing any collateral damage to the vehicle’s frame or paint. No client wants their vehicle returned with a brand new windshield only to discover minor dents in the frame or chips in the paint, right? 


That’s why, at Centennial Glass, we rely on premium-quality tools to ensure we’re able to complete our work to the highest possible standard. What tools do we use to get the job done? Let’s take a look.

Auto Glass Cut-Out Tool

This particular tool should be a staple in every auto glass replacement shop because it makes the glass removal process as efficient, precise, and safe as possible. An auto glass cut-out tool is well suited for windshield, back glass, and quarter glass removal and is the best option for removing irreparable glass without causing collateral damage to a vehicle’s paint or frame.


At Centennial Glass, we’ve invested in premium-quality auto glass cut-out tools to minimize the risk of vehicle damage during the auto glass replacement process. Because a cut-out tool is able to slice through a polyurethane seal with absolute precision and without generating any vibration, it dramatically reduces the risk of:


●        The glass shattering during the removal process

●        Dents in the frame around the glass

●        Damage to the paint surrounding the glass


Beyond minimizing the risk of vehicle damage, the cut-out tool’s design and mode of operation allow for extremely efficient auto glass removal. When our technicians rely on this tool to remove irreparable glass, it helps decrease the time required to complete the auto glass replacement process.


Additional Tools Required for Auto Glass Replacement

While using a cut-out tool is the most efficient and safest way to remove damaged glass, a few other tools may also be necessary to complete the process. The most important ones include:


●        Molding removal tools. Technicians use these handheld tools to carefully pull up any molding around the damaged glass. This allows them to access the bond that adheres the glass to the vehicle frame.


●        Razor blades. Technicians use scrapers and razor blades to remove old adhesive from a vehicle’s frame before they apply fresh adhesive for the new glass.


●        Caulking guns. Glass replacement technicians use caulking guns to apply urethane adhesive to a vehicle’s frame before inserting replacement glass.


●        Suction cups. Auto glass repair specialists use heavy-duty suction cups during the glass removal process to safely pull old glass away from a vehicle’s frame. Suction cups also allow technicians to gently insert replacement glass into the frame.


Need Auto Glass Replacement or Repair in the Twin Cities?

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