So your windshield recently suffered some minor damage and you haven’t had it fixed yet? Are you planning to get it fixed soon? If not, you could get yourself in more trouble than you might assume. Prompt windshield repair is important for several reasons, some of which you might not be aware of. If you need some motivation to make an appointment at your local auto glass repair shop, check out the top reasons you should never wait to get windshield repairs below. 


Windshield Damage May Interfere With Driving Visibility

When you leave a chip or crack in your windshield, several things can cause it to spread. So even if that windshield damage isn’t currently interfering with your ability to see while driving, there’s a good chance it will. If that happens, you and your passengers’ safety may be at risk. If the damage really gets in the way of your vision, you could put other drivers’ safety at risk too. 


You Could Get a Ticket

According to Minnesota law, it’s illegal to “drive or operate any motor vehicle with a windshield cracked or discolored.” So if you’re driving around town with a damaged windshield, don’t be surprised if you get pulled over by law enforcement and issued a ticket. If you want to avoid that unnecessary expense, don’t wait around to schedule windshield repairs.


Windshield Repairs Don’t Work for Larger Cracks & Chips

If your windshield has just a small chip or crack, a quick and simple windshield repair can almost always fix it unless it’s near the edge of the glass. But if you put off windshield repair and that chip or crack grows larger, repairs may not be capable of fixing the problem.


If you end up with a longer crack or cracks extending from an existing chip, you’ll likely need to get a full windshield replacement, which is far more expensive than auto glass repairs. Again, if you want to avoid a potentially unnecessary expense, getting your windshield repaired as quickly as you can is in your best interest.


Extreme Temperatures Can Cause More Damage

High heat and extremely low temperatures can easily cause existing windshield damage to spread because heat and cold cause your auto glass to expand and contract. If you don’t want the chip or crack in your windshield to unexpectedly grow, get it repaired right away.


Centennial Glass Provides Windshield Repair for Minneapolis & St. Paul Drivers

If your windshield recently suffered a minor chip or crack, don’t wait to bring your vehicle to our team at Centennial Glass. Getting prompt windshield repair is the easiest way to avoid further glass damage that may necessitate a windshield replacement or put your safety in danger. If you can’t bring your vehicle to our shop, our mobile auto glass repair team will come to you!


To get a repair estimate or schedule service, feel free to call our Blaine, MN office today at 651-653-1777 or contact us online, and we’ll get right back to you.