Auto insurance policies can be a bit difficult to navigate. Beyond knowing that you're covered in the event of a collision, it can be a challenge to determine whether certain items are covered under your policy -- such as your windshield damage. Windshield damage needs to be fixed quickly; a small amount of damage can easily spiral out of control, spreading across the entire sheet of glass and creating a hazard. But there are a few complications when it comes to insurance.

Was Your Windshield Damage the Result of an Accident?

One of the reasons it's so important to get a good review of your vehicle after an accident is because there could be issues that you didn't notice at first. A small crack or ding on your windshield can cause more visible, significant problems later on. If you get into an accident, inspect your windshield thoroughly, and immediately report any damage; otherwise you won't be able to get it covered in the accident claim.

Do You Have Comprehensive Insurance?

When your windshield is damaged by a rock or other environmental cause, you're looking at comprehensive insurance coverage rather than collision insurance. Many people have more collision insurance than comprehensive insurance, or they don't have comprehensive insurance at all. As you review your policy, you'll need to focus on the deductible and coverage amounts for your comprehensive policy.

How Significant Is the Damage to Your Windshield?

Damage that is less than six inches long can be repaired. Damage more than six inches long usually needs a full window replacement. This is an important distinction because window repairs are often cheap enough that they slide in under your deductible. If you have a $500 deductible on your automobile insurance, it's not likely a claim will help; you'll be paying out of pocket either way. (You should still report it, though, as it will count towards your deductible for that year.) If you need a full window replacement, it may be more expensive, and your insurance may be able to help more.

Whether your insurance will cover it or not, you need to get your windshield fixed fast. Over time, the repairs will only become more expensive because the damage will be more severe. Centennial Auto Glass offers affordable vehicle glass replacement throughout Minneapolis, MN. Contact Centennial Auto Glass today for a quote and consultation!