Every day, at Centennial Glass, we restore windshields for car owners across Lino Lakes, Minnesota. A fresh new windshield makes your car safer to drive as well as helps to revitalize its look. The question that we get from customers all the time is who foots the bill for windshield repair - the car owner or their insurance company? Let’s take a look below.


A Broken Windshield: What’s at Stake?

A cracked, chipped, or outright broken windshield is no laughing matter. The damage done to the glass can cause multiple problems to compound on various levels. For instance:


●        Damaged glass on the front of your car is a driving hazard. It hinders both the driver and the passenger from having a clear view of the road or objects in front of them.

●        Although your car is still valuable, a less than perfect windshield could deter someone from buying your used car.

●        Cracks and chips only get worse with time. As they get worse, they become more expensive to repair or replace.

●        A damaged windshield does not provide full protection in the event of a collision. In fact, it could make matters worse when the weakened glass shatters back inside the car.


This is Why Most Insurance Providers Will Pay for Your Windshield Repair

Most insurance companies are willing to cover windshield restoration or replacement regardless of how damaged it is. In fact, most insurance companies include a provision for a broken windshield in the auto insurance policy. Does your insurance company cover repairs?


The simplest way to find out is to call your agent or provider. Keep in mind, insurance companies have various levels of coverage, so ask your provider for the details and conditions.

The reason your insurance company is happy to pick up the tab is that they know that if the problem is not dealt with immediately, it will only get worse and could lead to disaster - thus, more money out of their pockets.


Are Insurance Companies Required to Pay for Your Windshield?


No, they are not...


The state of Minnesota, however, requires that insurance companies provide a zero-based deductible for drivers who have comprehensive insurance on the entire vehicle. This gives insurance companies two options:

1.      They can simply write a check to us, we repair or replace the glass, and you never see the bill.

2.      They will cover the repair, but count it as a claim with no deductible. If the damage was caused by flying debris or other external circumstances, then you should not be penalized for the new or repaired glass.


Get Your Windshield Repaired at Centennial Glass

Once you’ve made a claim and your insurance has approved the work, then bring your car to Centennial Glass. We provide windshield touch up, full repair, and complete replacement for car owners in Lino Lakes, Minnesota and the surrounding area. We also provide mobile service. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you! Call us at 651-653-1777.