Whether you park in your driveway overnight or your vehicle sits for hours in an outdoor parking lot at work, you’ll inevitably end up removing ice from its windows at some point. And while ice removal might seem pretty self explanatory, there are actually plenty of ways you can do it wrong and put your auto glass at risk for damage.


So how do you get ice off your windshield and other vehicle windows safely? Continue reading for our best tips.


Run Your Defrost on Medium

When you need to get ice off your windows in a hurry, it might be tempting to crank your defrost all the way to high immediately after you start your vehicle. Don’t do that. Auto glass can suffer spontaneous damage when it’s exposed to drastic and sudden temperature shifts, and that’s especially true if the glass has existing chips or cracks.


To avoid causing damage that will necessitate auto glass repairs, you’ll want to heat up your windshield and rear window gradually. You can do that by turning your defrost to medium heat or allowing your vehicle heater to run for about five minutes before you turn the defrost on.


If any of your windows currently have minor damage, it’s in your best interest to handle auto glass repairs as promptly as you can. As you know, our Twin Cities winters can be quite harsh, and freezing or sub-freezing temps can absolutely further existing glass cracks or chips.


Apply a De-Icing Spray

Using de-icer is probably the fastest and easiest way to get ice off your vehicle windows. But this method does require that you keep a bottle of de-icer in your vehicle at all times. If you haven’t yet used a de-icing spray on your windows, it’s definitely worth a try since it helps minimize the risk of damage during the ice removal process.


You can either purchase a commercially available de-icer at your local auto parts store, or if you’re the DIY type, you can make your own salt- or alcohol-based spray at home with a few simple ingredients.


Use a Plastic Ice Scraper

If you’re like most Twin Cities drivers, you probably have some type of ice scraper in your back seat or in your trunk. And while it’s perfectly fine to use a plastic ice scraper to get ice of your vehicle windows, it’s definitely not fine to use metal scraping tools or anything else that might scratch the glass.


If you’re in a pinch without a scraper or de-icing spray, never resort to using anything abrasive on your auto glass. Even minor scratches in your windshield can necessitate auto glass repairs as they can interfere with your ability to see clearly while driving.


Take a Combination Approach

Need to get ice off your windshield as fast as possible? The best way to do that is to use a combination approach of all the tactics mentioned above. Turn your defrost on medium, then spray your windows lightly with de-icer. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, and then grab a plastic ice scraper and get to work.


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